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Having a tough time this weekend. I used two passes. 😬
  • cgsegelette Maybe make yourself an acceptable treat, that tastes great! Fruit smoothie .. pb on frozen banana... good luck 👍 you’ve been doing great
  • annefood I did that last weekend too- ice cream. But I got back on track. Dried fruit was helpful. You can too! Great advice @cgsegelette. You’ve got this @shmoozii !
  • ingalls I have to admit, I’ll most likely use up my passes, too, so have been anticipating which will be my weak days in advance. Like tomorrow... we’re making a fancy dinner for my mother-in-law’s 70th...
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What an idea!! This is why I miss America!!
"The Seattle-based Eat with Muslims project aims to break down barriers between non-Muslims and t...
"The Seattle-based Eat with Muslims project aims to break down barriers between non-Muslims and the Muslim-American community through food and conversation."
Avoided soda
Day 7/14: Avoid Soda Level IV
Energy is way up! Two weeks in. 🤜🤛
No more passes for me
Well I am only halfway thru level III and I am pretty sure that I have used up all of my passes for the next level....and I haven’t even gotten pass the father’s day party. Oh boy, I’m toast.
My kids are eating s’mores. I’m ☠️
gracealina's post
  • annefood You’ve got this!
  • gracealina It was tough, but I managed to resist! Too scared to start over, because the first few days were the hardest!
  • shmoozii 👏👏👏
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Friday night sweet tooth.. 3 bananas, 1/2 c peanut butter, 1/2 c cocoa Mix drop on cookie sheet in a table spoon. Bake 15 minutes yum!
  • annefood Awesome! Banana is such a great way to sweeten baked goods!
  • tovisnaw Ok...not loved at all in the house. But hey more for me. Tried to convince hubby if he gave up sugar they would taste sweet to him
Protein smoothie
Great recovery for my 4 mile run in the 90 degree heat!!
Great recovery for my 4 mile run in the 90 degree heat!!
  • annefood Glad you found something without added sugar! The one thing to be aware of with Naked (the protein smoothie included) is that they’re primarily fruit juice (mainly apple) and thus have a very high...
  • ElanaG Definitely agree. I’m out of town for work, so I used this drink to recover after a 4 mile run in Denver altitude and 90 degrees 😄 usually I would have made my own!
  • annefood Good thinking on the go!
There’s a first for everything.
I went to the following without eating desserts or added sugar:
A wedding shower
A birthday party
Dinner with my adult sons
  • annefood Congratulations @shmoozii ! That’s a big accomplishment! How do you feel?
  • shmoozii I feel so empowered. It wasn’t a huge struggle either. However, it was a first.
  • garv Well done !
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I had my first cheat day yesterday. Was at a friends house for dinner and had a small piece of dessert. My body was used to not having any sugar, so I did not feel very good from it. I def feel bet...
Day 1/7: Avoid Added Sugar Level IV
  • annefood Crazy how we get reprogrammed, right? Glad you could tell a difference in your body. Stick with it- all your dedication is paying off!
  • garv Kudos!