We're Foodstand.
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Foodstand helps you build good eating habits through community powered Challenges. Good choices count, not calories.

What does Good Eating mean to Foodstand?

Eat less processed food
Eat more plants
Eat fewer animal products
Eat more mindfully
Allow us
to explain

Eating well doesn’t have to mean expensive specialty bee-pollen and calendula

Nobody should be expected to keep up with Gwyneth’s food budget. Instead, these basic good eating principles can apply to everyone.
And Bonus! Every health professional agrees.
Okay, every single one of the hundreds we’ve talked to. =) If you disagree, let’s talk.

We built Foodstand around simple, uplifting “check-ins” and community support + accountability

Just like your good influence BFF. Foodstand strives to create a super-fun experience to make healthy habits accessible to everyone.

We want a world where good food is the default, not the exception

‘Big Food’ sure doesn’t make it easy. Till then, we’ll help you create a world where good food choices are YOUR default.

So, Join Us

We know we’re better eaters when we’re around other good eaters. Let’s be good for each other!
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