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Thrilled to be an official member of the Foodstand community. Looking forward to seeing your #FoodRevolution #kitchentips and recipes!
There's some debate on how to clean and store freshly laid eggs. Also, do they taste different? How long do they last? 🐔🐔
Cook your leek greens and make a veggie pasta!
Coolest #KitchenTip I learned yesterday at @Feedback #Feeding5000NYC event. The Chef at Egg said ...
The making of dandelion jam. Dandelion can also be used for porridge, salad and many more 😋 recipe will be on the blog soon #kitchentips
Here's how to grow potatoes at home
I started growing potatoes in my closet garden after some potatoes from the farmers market that I...
The Secret to the Best Hummus Ever
Hmmm was not expecting this!
One of my favorite #kitchentips - cook your rice in coconut milk!
Here with brussels, tofu, avocado, a soy/sesame/ginger/garlic sauce. The coconut milk makes the r...
Use that LEMON PEEL! 1. Grate the peel and sprinkle onto a meal or drink! 2. Lemon peels contain 10 times more vitamins than the juice!
Need just a teaspoon of lemon juice? Poke a hole in the fruit and squeeze to prevent the whole lemon from drying out
#kitchentips #nofoodwaste
Bread, Resurrected
Stale bread is resurrected for croutons in this smoky kale salad. #nofoodwaste