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Skewers work great for fairytale eggplant.
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7 Common Pasta Mistakes You Should Never Make - PureWow
"The water in the pot should be salty like the sea" #kitchentips
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Baked Aubergine served in Dashi Broth – Almost Agedashi Nasu | ginger & chorizo
Recipe is up on the blog now
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Use that LEMON PEEL! 1. Grate the peel and sprinkle onto a meal or drink! 2. Lemon peels contain 10 times more vitamins than the juice!
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Regrow your ginger!
Ginger will begin shooting out a green “eye” much like a potato. Soak the ginger root with the ey...
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How to Water Plants with Ice Cubes - How to Grow Orchids
I'm definitely guilty of overwatering plants—here's a great #gardentip for keeping your garden ha...
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Knife Skills Every Home Cook Should Master
#kitchentips "No matter how refined your palate may be, a cook who lacks good basic knife skills ...
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Steamed Eggs c/o @susanspungen
Seems like a great way to get the perfect runny yolk! #kitchentips "Since people seemed interest...
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Tip: Buying too much food ends in food waste. Make sure you buy proportions that you can eat, try a small box of produce from Imperfect!
A perfect size box to start out with is a small produce box from Imperfect! Check out what kind o...
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Fresh pasta is a great way to use up the last bits of veg in the fridge #nofoodwaste
I had 3 assorted #wild mushrooms, a few leaves of #local spinach and a splash of white wine left ...