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Bread, Resurrected
Stale bread is resurrected for croutons in this smoky kale salad. #nofoodwaste
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First pesto of the season! Blanch the basil before blending to ensure it stays green 💚
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First zucchini blossoms!
The squash are not too far behind. When harvesting for eating, only harvest the male blossoms, wh...
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There's some debate on how to clean and store freshly laid eggs. Also, do they taste different? How long do they last? 🐔🐔
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Here's how to grow potatoes at home
I started growing potatoes in my closet garden after some potatoes from the farmers market that I...
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Flowering kale has so many great uses - grill, sautée, garnish or just decorate with. What are others?
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The Secret to the Best Hummus Ever
Hmmm was not expecting this!
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Can you explain the lifecycle of an onion?
Looking for some #kitchentips! I've just learned that onions don't last forever (I knew that, but...
How to keep your fresh vegetables
Fun video, nice tips.
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Cheats Pappardelle with Slow-Braised Leeks and Crispy Porcini Pangrattato
One of the first dishes I made when I first started to cook at home. Cheating by using fresh lasa...