We visited Edenworks and here's what we found out

"A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to attend an AgroTech event here in NYC.
I learned a lot about the ways innovative new technologies are changing the
food industry and producing crops more sustainably. Funny enough, I also
learned about what's going on in some of those abandoned buildings being
repurposed in Bushwick. 
On one of my favorite panels, the guys from Edenworks were talking about
their experience growing indoor aquaponic vegetables over in Bushwick all
year round! The thought of delicious, fresh, local micro-greens and veggies
got me super excited so I had to pay them a visit. 
Outside of Edenworks. We love the graffiti and liveliness of Bushwick's
What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics is defined as a system of agriculture in
which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies
nutrients for plants grown hydroponically which in turn purify the water so
the fish can thrive. A simple closed-loop system to  explain, but complex
to take care of in order to harvest tasty crops all year long.
We met with Debi at Edenworks and she was able to answer all of our
questions about the fish, veggies and the uniqueness of running a farm in
the heart of Brooklyn.
As we toured the farm, Debi told us all about the work her and her team are
doing to create a highly-controlled sustainable ecosystem and grow
chemical-free, non-GMO, “beyond organic” crops. I consider these crops
beyond organic because of the amazing whole systems approach. Growing
without soil makes it very difficult to obtain organic certification as a
hydroponic farmer.
Debi giving me a lesson in Aquaponics. The micro-greens were very tempting
and difficult not to eat.
Their setup is series a of tanks where one holds fish and two others have
natural filtering systems for their brew/plant nutrient mixture. The fish
are given an organic fish and plant based feed. As they produce waste, it
is filtered from the tanks where…