A Quick Look at Local Grains - The Greenmarket Regional Grains Project — i robbed a farmer

"As we all try our best to incorporate local foods into our diets, fresh
veggies and fruits don’t seem to be much of a problem. Organic grains and
proteins seem a bit harder to find. However, thanks to NYC’s Greenmarket
Regional Grains Project bakers, chefs and home kitchens have access to a
variety of locally produced organic grains direct from regional farmers.
The program began in 2004 as an effort to connect local artisans and
farmers to develop and grow the local grain economy here in the Northeast.
The progress has been astounding, as farmers continue to plant more acres
and Greenmarket bakers and shoppers continue to increase demand. All
Greenmarket bakers are required to use at least 15% local grains in there
products and many use more.
Unfortunately many of us have become intolerant to gluten, a protein found
in wheat, and as more research on Celiac’s disease is completed we are
beginning to understand why. 
Traditionally, bakers would ferment dough for 18-25 hours or more. As dough
ferments, gluten proteins breakdown over time which lowers the glycemic
index and improves the digestibility of the bread. Packaged bread that we
find in the supermarket goes from grain to plastic in less than three
hours, leaving little to no time for fermentation. It also contains highly
processed flours from wheat grown with dangerous chemicals. The result is a
finished product that our systems have come to reject.
Fortunately there a lots of awesome alternatives available at the market
and all around NYC. Many bakers have started baking the old fashion way
using long fermentation times and whole-milled whole wheat flour to produce
amazing artisanal goods.
Stop by the Regional Grains Project’s booth at the Union Square Greenmarket
to discover everything they have on offer and learn about incorporating
these products into your everyday life.
For more info go to www.grownyc.org/grains" #FoodRevolution