Can Tech Really Help Us Eat and Farm Better? I say yes, Foodstand can!

An interesting article about #foodtech that brings up a lot of great points. It reads "Tech has the potential to improve the quality, reduce the cost and improve healthfulness of our collective diet, but there’s no guarantee that it will. In fact, there’s good evidence that it will continue prevailing trends of our dysfunctional food system, including removing us even more, reinforcing industrial model and creating a techno-food elite with access to data and apps." But Foodstand is addressing these issues in an approachable way. Proud to be working for change. "This feels a lot like the heady days of the local food movement twenty years ago. We’ve watched farm to table, the notion of eating regionally, go mainstream as farmers markets exploded, as CSAs became more common and everyone understood the benefits of eating food from nearby. I’m glimpsing the same sort of excitement around foodtech and it feels cutting edge in a way that local food no longer feels."