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I just made it to Level II on the The Cooking Dinner Challenge!
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Soffritto Sister Diaries | A Prairie Farm Corps Reunion in Pictures
#KnowYourFarmer #FoodRevolution
Prairie Crossing Farm
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Late Summer Jewels....
A few late summer jewels...These colors...💜 ... #FlavorsOfLight The produce is just amazing th...
Children should eat less than 25 grams of added sugars daily | American Heart Association
Let's see if this changes anything about school food and marketing junk food to kids!
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Purple snow peas...
Looking these beauties up on the inter-webs and found a fun fact: they're technically a fruit. Th...
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Fresh Blackberry & Vanilla Bean Custard Tarts
You have to love fresh berry and custard tarts during summertime, a French classic for a reason… ...
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Summer Solstice Market Salad
Summer solstice "market" salad from this week's picks using the freshest ingredients. The lovelie...
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Carrot top #Pesto. Swap out basil for your carrot tops and follow your favorite pesto recipe. BOOM ⚡️ #FoodRevolution
Diamond Lake
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Strawberries are sure having their moment...with pancakes and creme anglaise #inseasonnow #Flavor...
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Say goodbye to "barcode cooking" - Say hello to cooking well from scratch -The POWER of my family's dinner plate ⚾️ #Foodrevolution
"The power of our dinner plate"