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Thrilled to be an official member of the Foodstand community. Looking forward to seeing your #FoodRevolution #kitchentips and recipes!
Keeping it light for our first hot day of the year. Melon, chestnut honey, Buckwheat granola and seeds!
"Today was a day.  A real doozy.  It started at 4:30ish in the morning.  Not that it needed to.  ...
Make the most of melon season: quick salad of honeydew, cucumber & feta in a lemon, honey, EVOO & poppyseed dressing. Agua Fresca to drink!
An easy and funny way of eating veggies! Colorful rolled borek s 😊 A combination of cheese, parsley, mashed potatoes and carrots
#FoodRevolution #foodstand @JamieOliversFoodRevolution
vegan eggplant bacon “blt” sliders | Jackie Newgent
"A "tasteovers by jackie" recipe by Jackie Newgent, RDN" #FoodRevolution
5.5 Million Pounds of Chicken Sold to Schools Recalled
YUCK. Number 4,052 why NOT to eat chicken nuggets. "You will not believe what they found in these...
Food Revolution 8500 miles away!
Mighty kicked that #FoodRevolution Day 2016 coincided with my birthday & we decided to serve up a...
Farm Fresh to You CSA delivery lunch:)
Love my CSA delivery every 3 weeks! Cali residents, check them out!...
Naan bread pizza topped with tomato puree, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, green beans and almost spoiling arugula. Perfect study- meal
Fruits and Nuts chocolate Bark – Johanny's Kitchen
"  I went food shopping to one of my local supermarkets and found these red berries called “Goji ...