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#Kitchentip : exchange cooking ideas with friends& family to trigger ideas. My aunty showed me how to make Lions's tooth jam. Stay tuned!
The jam is made with fresh lion's tooth from my grandma's garden. The recipe and more pictures wi...
Can you explain the lifecycle of an onion?
Looking for some #kitchentips! I've just learned that onions don't last forever (I knew that, but...
Fiddleheads anyone?
Homemade Granola
I've fallen in love with making my own granola! You can add whatever -grains, nuts, seeds, dried...
Beet greens chorizo omelette #nofoodwaste
Didn't know beet greens is so delicious!
Charred Cauliflower Salad
A simple charred cauliflower salad tonight with a drizzle of leftover spinach korma sauce , cherr...
Ricotta Pancakes & Strawberries
Fluffy ricotta pancakes with fresh strawberries and berry-vanilla sauce.. I'm taking advantage of...
Sweet potato, leek and fennel soup!
Did you know the fronds are edible?!
Buckwheat banana pancakes
Pesto on the brain!
After a great morning giving out samples w @sugardetoxme I have pesto on the brain! What's your f...