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Can I only do one challenge at a time?
  • annefood @xlalsbddn great question. Yes, you can only do one Challenge at a time. It has been shown that people are better at forming long-lasting habits when they tackle one element of their diet at a...
Got questions? We've got answers! @Rachna and I will be doing a video Q&A and we want to hear from you!
Simply complete our online survey—it'll only take a second. Maybe you want to know how to better stock your pantry, the best tricks to keep your energy up in the afternoon, or which types of yogurt...
  • EFF sorry. I know this isn't the right place for this, but I couldn't find a help button. I just wanted to let you know there are some bugs in the challenge I'm doing. (3 servings of vegetables a day)...
  • EFF I just wanted you to have some feedback.
  • annefood Thanks so much for the feedback @EFF ! We're on it. Much appreciated!
What should I have for lunch today
  • DietID_TeamDietitians One of my favorite quick lunches, especially when it's hot out, is cold salad that you can assemble with a handful of grocery items. I like to use baby spinach, avocado, cherry tomato, chickpeas...
need help
need someone to do the avoid sweets challenge with me for 7 days
  • annefood I'll do it with you @shaneen ! I'll add you as a buddy. I've succumbed to strong ice cream cravings the last two days and need some accountability!
  • garv @shaneen I've completed the challenge, but will gladly take up the next level with you. Unless @annefood wants to stay off ice cream a bit longer !
  • shaneen thanks guys
4yr Merlott
Does sugar free bubble gum, counts as a candy? Or can I chew a piece some times?
Does sugar free bubble gum, counts as a candy? Or can I chew a piece some times?
  • annefood Great question @anadl ! Gum does count as candy, and is artificially sweetened with chemicals that you ingest as you chew. Seems silly but I found that gum chewing for me was about a habit of...
  • anadl Thank you! It was helpful!!
  • annefood You're welcome!
Protein shake
Hi everybody, quick question. Does the Protein Skake for muscle mass building be considered as sweetened food (which is the case) but so useful after workouts?
  • annefood Great question @johnnyjumper ! No, your protein shake is not considered to be a sweet/dessert, and is allowed on this Challenge. We designed this Challenge to help people get out of the habit of...
  • johnnyjumper Ok interesting. Thanks Anne! I'll try to find a protein shake without any additional sweetener or@make one myself.
How much sugar is too much sugar in a granola bar?
  • annefood Great question @beckys ! There are a few things to consider, so stick with me through this. First, is your granola bar a traditional granola bar with oats, maybe nuts, and some sort of added sugar...
I've made some mistakes, is it still okay?
  • DietID_TeamDietitians Yes of course! If you had a candy or sweet, just use a free pass or a half a pass to keep track. And if you run out of free passes, no worries! You can always start over. The most important thing...
  • annefood @lillady as @Rachna said, don't sweat the mistakes. The beauty of developing healthy habits is that over time you are able to make the healthy choice the norm—what you do about 90% of the time. I'm...
  • meccabrown Absolutely!!! You can't break a life time habit in short time.. focus, plan and work hard!!
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Does coffee work as a appetite depressant during those two hours you're not supposed to eat before bed?
  • annefood A coffee question and a coffee Foodstand handle - I take it you're a fan! Coffee is known to be an appetite suppressant, but we don't encourage drinking coffee in the evening due to the caffeine...
What's the best juice with little to no sugar?
  • annefood @bryce there are a few types of juice—there's real, freshly squeezed juice which doesn't have any added sugar. There's fruit juice from concentrate that you'd find in the frozen section of the...
  • bryce Thanks
  • annefood @bryce you're welcome!