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This month, we’re partnering with Jamie Oliver’s #FoodRevolution to celebrate real, fresh, nutritious food. We all know that our over-reliance on unhealthy, processed meals means that millions of us lack even the most basic skills to cook from scratch; let’s join Jamie and help keep cooking skills alive! Join the Food Revolution and get your very own starter pack of 10 recipes to enable you to cook good, nutritious meals. Let’s get cooking!

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Help us get back in the kitchen! Each recipe or kitchen tip tagged #FoodRevolution enters you to win an autographed copy of Jamie’s new book.

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A revolution begins through small actions taken everyday. Each friend you bring to Foodstand enters you to WIN $100 AT Brooklyn Kitchen to get you back in the kitchen. Winners drawn every week!*

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Next Event: May 20th Cooking Demo at Union Square Greenmarket with Lululemon, Dig Inn, and Michael Moss!

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Cooking even the simplest dish keeps us connected to our food—a necessity if we want to improve our health, our well-being and our food system. This month, use the Foodstand app to share simple recipes and kitchen tips that helped you get in the kitchen and cook. Share recipes and tips that made cooking easier, helped you get healthy, or helped you reconnect with your local farmer.

Soffritto Sister Diaries | A Prairie Farm Corps Reunion in Pictures
7yr themullies.blogspot.com Prairie Crossing Farm
#KnowYourFarmer #FoodRevolution
Late Summer Jewels....
7yr instagram.com
A few late summer jewels...These colors...💜  ... #FlavorsOfLight  
The produce is just amazing th...
A few late summer jewels...These colors...💜 ... #FlavorsOfLight
The produce is just amazing this season at Union Square Greenmarket! #FoodRevolution #farmtotable
Children should eat less than 25 grams of added sugars daily | American Heart Association
7yr newsroom.heart.org
Let's see if this changes anything about school food and marketing junk food to kids!
  • annefood Interesting kids and women are the same.
  • JenniferEmilson Heard this today as well. And toddlers should have NONE. Should be interesting, even with tv advertising etc.
  • LezEngel Wow, this is big. The new nutrition labels, which will separate added sugars from naturally occurring, will help flag those extra sugary products--if people read them!
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Bring friends to Foodstand and win $100 from our friends at Brooklyn Kitchen

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Bring the foodstand community and Food Revolution Day to your own communities

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