American Raw Milk Cheese Tasting + Celebration

I'll be curating this event and would love to see you there! Last year it was a great success and we had a full turnout. This year, we are making it an even bigger party! "The time is approaching: April 16th, 2016 is the day we get together to celebrate raw milk cheeses made in America and beyond. Come join us at 61 Local Bar and Restaurant for a Raw Milk Cheese Bash to remember. We’ll be featuring regional raw milk cheeses from Saxelby Cheesemongers, and recommended beer and wine pairings will be available at the bar.With entry, you’ll get numerous plates of raw milk cheeses expertly paired with seasonal foods prepared by Chef and Cheese Maker Jessica Sennett. Jessica will tell you a little about the different cheeses and pairings, and then you can spend the rest of the party socializing and eating. We're excited to be celebrating this for the second year now, and intend for this year's event to be even bigger and better! Menu (to be updated based on seasonal availability):Microgreens, edible flowers, french radish, sea salt with raw regional bloomy goat cheeseRoasted heirloom potatoes, chicken of the woods mushrooms, garlic confit, fresh spinach with raw regional washed rindApple Parsnip Soup with caramelized onions and raw regional hard cheesePanna Cotta with sorrel and rhubarb syrup, served with cheese crisp and raw regional blue cheeseServed with Bien Cuit wood-fired oven breads"