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One-pot wonder! #FoodRevolution
Snacks for the neighbors
One of my longtime neighbors is leaving, so we had a little get-together. "We should have done th...
Herb-y goat cheese and carrot tarts 👊🏼
Puff pastry, smear of goat cheese, carrots sautéed with shallots, and thyme. Topped with chives! ...
Local asparagus + poached egg = perfection.
Help guys! I'm in a rut! What are your go-to recipes for easy but delicious and good-for-you (vegetarian) meals for one?
I love me a grain bowl (general equation: grains, veggies, beans, dressing/sauce) but it's all I'...
The apple rose tart just hits the spot.
Pan Roasted Tomatoes & Thyme
The simple things are often the best things. #FoodRevolution
Unmanned Grocery Stores Help Improve Access To Healthy Food
'How unmanned grocery stores can help increase access to healthy food.' What do you guys think of...
Time to get into the kitchen!
Joining the Revolution means starting with the simple step of getting into the kitchen and cookin...
Chive Flower Vinegar: rinsed flowers, white wine vinegar. In a jar. Dark. 2, 3 weeks till you're happy with the flavour! Strain. Store. ☺️