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kale & couscous breakfast bowl with egg | Jackie Newgent
"A "tasteovers by jackie" recipe by Jackie Newgent, RDN" #NoFoodWaste
Fresh pasta is a great way to use up the last bits of veg in the fridge #nofoodwaste
I had 3 assorted #wild mushrooms, a few leaves of #local spinach and a splash of white wine left ...
Leek Pasta
I put this #NoFoodWaste tip at the @Feedbackorg event to practice. 1. Cut the greens off of your ...
Beeeeee pollem🐝 with leftover blueberries on coconut soy yoghurt in a melon bowl😋 Happy Wednesday and #nofoodwaste
Too hot to cook? Caesar Salad with fresh bacon croutons: guaranteed no more wasted, miserable pile of dried out croutons left on the plate!
"All Hail Caesar.  Salad, that is.  The most misunderstood salad, if ever there was one.  Back in...
Mixed fresh and almost spoiling ingredients such as peaches and camembert on sour-dough bread. Soooo yummy. #nofoodwaste
Leftover smoothie bowl in the garden for breakfast 💚♻️🌱
Collard snacks 🍃🍃
#nofoodwaste bake at 200 degrees F for 1 hour or until crisp
Egg-in-a-hole, grilled cheese. #nofoodwaste
Savory Galette w/ Kale & Spinach
Found some sad looking kale in the refrigerator and thought instantly about a delicious savory ga...