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The seedlings are finally planted! Spent all morning in the garden. Let's hope my late garden does well 👍🏼
Cafeteria Culture is helping schools take the #zerowastechallenge with #NoFoodWaste.
Just learned about this group through NYC's Mayor Office. Tre Cool. Wondering if anyone here with...
Guerilla Zuke Soup #nofoodwaste
What to do when my neighbor stealth gifts me with TWO zucchini bigger than my arm (and then goes ...
Join Foodstand and Slow Food SF for our #NoFoodWaste Movie Night & Happy Hour
"Foodstand, Slow Food SF, and ZeroCater are excited to bring you a movie night and happy hour cha...
I save my veggie scraps in a bag in the freezer, and when I have a couple bags full I make stock, and then compost the scraps.
It's great having homemade stock frozen for when I want to make soup. Plus it's free, easy, and g...
Same same but different: Melon bowl filled with mango chunks and almost spoiling peach leftovers. #nofoodwaste
"Keeping A Kale Kitchen" excerpt from "Bonjour Kale" via @wholefoods. A few tips to make sure you use all your leafy greens!
"Not surprisingly, we are fans of cooking with kale. So when we got the opportunity to chat with ...
A great #meatlessmonday lunch or weekend brunch recipe, pesto baked eggs in mushrooms! Link to recipe in profile
A real no-fuss brunch idea. How much of a pain is it to cook eggs for a lot of people? That's the...
kale & couscous breakfast bowl with egg | Jackie Newgent
"A "tasteovers by jackie" recipe by Jackie Newgent, RDN" #NoFoodWaste
Fresh pasta is a great way to use up the last bits of veg in the fridge #nofoodwaste
I had 3 assorted #wild mushrooms, a few leaves of #local spinach and a splash of white wine left ...