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Drink More Water - trufflette
"Did you know that maintaining a positive intake of fluid throughout the day can make the differe...
Day two of three on the eat less meat challenge. It’s going well. Mum made me a meat free spag bol at weekend
Cucumber salad with a kick
I got this delicious pepperoni puff pastry from Boomerang’s this morning. I walked every isle of the grocery store near my house to find the healthy food I’ve bought from other stores that I loved! I found my old beloved items and I walked down the frozen section not thinking I would find anything but I found this cheesy goodness. Saying I’m an amateur regarding organic food is giving me too much credit. Truth is, I went on a personal dairy strike this last month because I became aware of the culprit called dairy! I have not had milk since 2009 and a peta video killed that childhood favorite of mine but cheese! OH MY, I loved cheese! I would make grilled cheese and the cheese would be on that bread like a small mountain! I live in a very rural area and finding a vegan shredded cheese requires me to drive about an hour and a half and I’m just not ready right now! But, my excuse is I’m detoxing from cheese! Well, not anymore I guess. This pepperoni puff was a tasty little treat for me!
Day 1/1: Avoid Fast Food Level I
Are Any of Those "Healthy" Sugar Alternatives Better for You? | Greatist
A great summary of how glucose, fructose and sucrose impact your body, and why alternative sugars...
Had my daughter
I’ve been privileged to be eating hospital food. I don’t know if that counts as take out but just...
Purdue oven stuffer roaster chicken, mix vegetable 😋😋Yummy🦃🦃🦃
Sweet potato pie😋😋Yummy
HarvestSignal - fresh produce alerts for your zip code
Midnight snacking may up heart disease, diabetes risk: Report - The Financial Express
"Eating during the night may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes by disrupting the bo...