Modeling An Urban Agriculture Workshop

Tickets are $35 and must be purchased ahead of time here: Event Description: Anastasia Cole Plakias, a Co-Founder of Brooklyn Grange, will walk participants through the different contemporary models of urban agricultural businesses, with a focus on New York City, and present a framework for thinking creatively about opportunities for farming in cities. Taking place in Brooklyn Grange's indoor workshop space at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Anastasia will cover a range of topics, including: different business entities a budding urban farmer might consider; the various goals, benefits and challenges of urban agriculture; the range of physical models–from aeroponics to aquaponics to soil-based farming–and business structures, and how each one addresses respective goals and challenges; various enterprises for the diversified urban farm, from flowers to bees to mushrooms to events, and more! After looking at a few case studies of existing projects, we'll have a breakout workshop session to develop hypothetical opportunities into the first drafts of business plans. We recommend this session particularly to those folks hoping to launch their own business or social enterprise in a big city, operators looking to diversify their organization, or anyone generally interested in urban ag. From urban planners and farmers, developers and community organizers alike, attendees will leave with a new perspective on how to design financial stability, ecological sustainability, and social value into their business plan.