Kitchen Knife Sharpening Workshop with Garrett Wade Tools

Tickets are $100 and must be purchased ahead of time here: Event Description:
You cannot overstate the joy or importance of working with a sharp knife. New, well-made knives will stay sharp for a few months but they eventually need re-sharpening. And of course, inexpensive knives will become dull after a few weeks of use. It’s easy to keep all your knives sharp. It’s a great skill to learn and once you do, even budget knives can be sharpened to perform like a high-end chef’s knife.
In this class you will learn how to sharpen any sized kitchen-knife to a keen razor’s edge. You’ll learn why you should sharpen an all-purpose knife differently than a paring knife or a fillet knife. Although all sharpening will be done manually, this class will also survey different types of sharpening apparatus from hand held to motor driven. You’ll also learn how to assess and make basic repairs to broken tips, dinged edges and damaged handles. With enrollment, each person will receive a versatile knife sharpening setup ($45 value) to take home. About Anthony Francis
Anthony is a product developer at the renowned tool company - Garrett Wade. He has a deep background in furniture making, boatbuilding and timber frame house building, as well as extensive teaching experience. His workshops are an excellent balance of hands-on learning and related theory. provides all sharpening apparatus and tools for this class.
Additional Information:
We’ll have plenty of knives to practice on for this class but if you want to learn on your own knife you may bring 1 (non-serrated) knife to the workshop. Please keep in mind that NYC has very specific laws prohibiting knives in public. Your knife should be carefully wrapped in a few layers of newspaper and perhaps a cardboard sleeve (improvised from a cereal or pasta box) and transported out of sight in a bag.