Body lotion and one!

I had an inspiration and decided to mix a little aloe (from the leaf/blade) with some (organic, fair trade, non-GMO) vegetable glycerine, some fresh rosemary, and fresh grated ginger root. I added a little (Big Berkey) filtered water and blended it all in my (VitaMix) blender. Next, I poured it through a fine mesh strainer, and then into a bottle. It feels fresh and cool on my skin (all of it!) and I put some through my hair, too. Then, realizing how safe, versatile, and edible this was was -not to mention how good it smells!- I used some as mouthwash! It has a lovely subtle sweetness, a slight bitterness, and a pleasant tingle. My mouth still feels great fifteen minutes later! Add more water for more viscosity, or less for more of a gel. Keep covered and refrigerated, and use within (I'm guessing) forty-eight hours. Enjoy! 🙏🏻😜💖