Well this is NEWS to me: apparently you can eat the pit of an avocado! Has anyone tried it?

"Our latest obsession: The Avocado Seed. Now that the weather is
getting unpredictable in NYC and choosing the right jacket is impossible,
it is key to arm up your immunity.The avocado is widely known as an immune
boosting superfood but a study by Pennsylvania State University shows that
the key to unlocking the avocado's full potential is its seed!Here is a
rundown of the seed's antioxidant superpowers:
* Reduces inflammation like swelling, stiffness or pain
* Helps the heart and blood circulate
* Boosts the immune system by improving the gut flora
* Repairs and rebuilds skin cells
* Acts as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
All of this in the small pit we are used to throw out, quite awesome,
right?So how to add the avocado seed to your diet? You can either grind it
up and add it to a smoothie,ย cook it for 30 minutes to turn it into tea,ย or
simply grate it onto salads, stir-fries or sauces.ย The later is what we do
in our Meta Kitchen right now with pretty much all our meals :) If you find
a fun new way of using the avocado pit please let us know, we would love to
try it!ย "