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Braised Chickpeas and Carrots
Plus spinach, because no meal is complete without those dark leafy greens 💚
Summer Pasta
Today's recipe of the day is an easy DIY tagliatelle with tomatoes, beans greens. Super quick to ...
Turnip avocado tempura sandwich
Day 3/14: Cook Dinner More Often Level IV
Chickpea Salad Niçoise Sandwiches
Step away from the stove, these summery sandwiches are both meatless and no-cook! Instead of a Ni...
#kitchentip for a #meatlessmonday salad- fry up some spicy chickpeas with paprika and cayenne as a salad topper
Make these ahead of time and top your salads, grain bowls, or just eat them as. Here's a good rec...
Iron Horse
Vegan Ceviche Lettuce Cups
These lettuce cups are packed with the cool flavors of traditional ceviche – lime, cilantro, garl...
#meatlessmonday #nofoodwaste creation of muttia - a traditional Gujarati dish made with zucchini and cilantro - stems included!
This is a super healthy alternative to meat substitutes, with a zucchini base. First, shred 2 squ...
Artichoke Panzanella Salad
Ah, panzanella salad. How better to enjoy ripe tomatoes and cukes than alongside crusty bread and...
10 Plant-based Proteins You Should be Eating
The stigma has always been - if you want to be vegetarian, you won't get enough protein. This lis...
Big old spicy roasted veggie bowls for the increasingly autumnal weather we're having up here.
Harissa tomato chickpeas, basmati rice with turmeric and bay leaf, and alllll the veggies. Topped...