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I simply brought or leftover dinner; salmon abaked potato & salad.
Day 1/7: Make Your Lunch More Often Level IV
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Veggie packed dinner in 20 minutes - chickpea pasta topped with stewed eggplant, tomato, garlic, onions, and parsley.
I love chickpea pasta on busy nights because it’s protein dense (vs regular pasta), tastes virtua...
Bean soup for dinner.
Day 1/7: Eat 5 Servings of Fruits & Veggies Per Day Level IV
Apple peels
Give kids sliced apples with the peel on & mix the variety of apples.
Change up the taste and texture
I like to add chia seeds and strawberries to my chilled water to change it up a bit. It gives it ...
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Transform yourself into a savvy supermarket shopper with these 11 easy tips - Mirror Online
"Experts reveal how you can make healthier choices when you do your supermarket shop"
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After work Teacher Life!
Day 1/1: Avoid Soda Level I
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Sparkling water is my favorite replacement.
Day 1/1: Avoid Soda Level I
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Smaller plates may not help you eat less | Smaller plates | Delbouef illusion | food deprivation | eating less | Appetite | eat less
"If you think that serving food on a smaller plate can trick your brain into eating"
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New comer comer here
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