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Compost Dinner
Tickets are $100 and must be purchased ahead of time here:
Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm
Carrots with pea shoot butter
Garden update! Kale has given me 2 harvests already, Brussels sprouts are coming in, snap peas are flowering, but the Corn has died 🌽😥 RIP
The wind hasn't taken any of these as victims yet, but the Brussels sprouts are getting taller so...
Leftover Meal Plan Swipes: No Waste Here - The New York Times
An incredible #NoFoodWaste story, but also one about how food waste becomes a problem.
Have y'all seen this #nofoodwaste website?
"We Waste 40% of the food produced in America. The good news: there’s something we can do." #Food...
Since it seems like every frozen food was just recalled...
...freeze it yourself! "We talked to a culinary school professor about how to freeze (and defrost...
Thought of Foodstand when I saw these WWII posters in the gift shop of the Churchill War Rooms in London.
Churchill War Rooms (Churchill Museum & Cabinet...
OpenIDEO - How might we dramatically reduce waste by transforming our relationship with food? - "Share My Dabba (lunchbox)" - How a Small Sticker Can Make a Big Difference
I love this idea so much! @garv have you seen something like this at work? #NoFoodWaste
Swedish bread, red beet hummus, cucumber and radish leftovers. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or lunch! Have a great day and #nofoodwaste
How to regrow sweet potatoes
My sweet potato started growing "slips", so I stuck the potato in a glass of water to get more sl...