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Zoodles and lentil soup! 30 minute meal :)
Day 4/30: Eat Real Food Level IV
Guilty free desert - walnuts, raw cacao, dates, coconut oil - put in the food processor and roll! No processed sugar, no dairy. Mmm :)
Day 3/14: Cook Dinner More Often Level IV
City of San Francisco
Lady K's fish & this Romain salad was good but next time I'll just bake😋😋😋
Falafel bowl for the win!
Day 7/7: Fill 50% of your plate with Fruits and Veggies Level III
WeWork Campus Martius
It's been hard eating solid foods the past few weeks of this pregnancy but I am still trying my best to eat and keep it organic, home made and plant based. Tonight I made a creamy carrot soup, kale and butternut squash ravioli, and sauerkraut! Soon I'll try to start eating more plant-based protein again, but just the thought of certain foods makes me so nauseous right now.😁
Day 1/3: Stop Eating 2 Hours Before Bed Level I
HinFoodstanders, any suggestion for a healthy - no sugar at all - breakfast recipe. Easy to do/co...
Want fun water? Slice and freeze all your citrus on a baking sheet. Then store in a freezer bag. Pull out as you need! 👌🏻
Stopping craving with protein
Eating more proteins like eggs,nuts, beans is shown to help fight cravings.
There's some debate on how to clean and store freshly laid eggs. Also, do they taste different? How long do they last? 🐔🐔
Another easy dinner - baked chicken and winter veggies seasoned with chili, coriander, cumin powder, turmeric, and tons of garlic.
Day 17/30: Eat Real Food Level IV 25 minutes on 425, and it's perfect!