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Healthy Eating at an Event
Eat the salmon or grilled chicken at events along with a side of veggies. Skip the bread or other...
Eat the salmon or grilled chicken at events along with a side of veggies. Skip the bread or other starchy foods. The more meat you eat the fuller you will feel.
How to leave a challenge so I can enter another?
SOS - I thought keeping basil in a cup of water would prevent it from wilting. Any other ideas?
reneeeats's post
  • DietIDdietitian Try placing fresh rinsed leaves between sheets of damp paper towels or tucked between the fold of a large damp tea towel. Store in the refrigerator. The jar trick might work better if you cover it...
  • reneeeats Will try this next time. Thank you!
  • Mirsansone I’m always trying to find ways to keep my herbs fresh.
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Does Almond Milk qualify as dairy?
  • reneeeats I don’t think so, but I know it is classified as “milk.” @DietIDdietitian can weigh in
  • DietIDdietitian For the increase dairy challenge, you certainly can use plant milks. Look for one that is fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Cheers!
More levels
I could have sworn that all of these challenges have more than one level or has that changed?
Hi Everyone! Excited to be here!
Need help with bread recommendations. Anyone find a good bread brand that doesn’t have added sugar?
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  • readakfkk I love spelt bread. Most grocery stores have store brand options that are just as affordable as the lowest price, refined grain breads.
How to participate in another challenge
Want to know how can I register for another challenge. Can I only do a challenge at a time ?
how can i resist temptation?
  • rebecca0716 Get rid of all unhealthy food
  • jeje Ere
  • isaacstsi I will allow myself to crave and indulge myself in manna from heaven Water, fruits, vegetables, spices, and other wholesome, nourishing, nutritious foods; and allow myself to give in to temptation,...
Would anyone like to be my buddy? I really don’t know anyone IRL that would want to do this with me.