Recovery and Positivity

Hi everyone, I'm happy to finally be writing a post. A month and a half ago I went the ER with nausea and vomiting. I was told I either had the norovirus or food poisoning. I coasted until march 1st, with not much of an appetite, and my anxiety was horrible. I went to urgent care and received a shot in kidney area for where I was having pain. The following morning of the 2nd, I was in the ER. Following some very heavy pain medication and labs, they admitting doctor decided to admit me based on some labs (lipase level) that indicated I had pancreatitis. I'm not a drinker and nor do I have gallstones. The 3rd and 4th days were brutal. The doctor came to tell me I didn't have pancreatitis and that he wasn't sure what was wrong with me. I went to see a GI specialist and I will be being scoped for stomach ulcers. He honestly doesn't think I have any but better safe than sorry. I also have had a recent medicine change and I've been doing great. I'm under pretty hefty contract with my PCP because of the medicine. I agreed willingly to abide by his rules because I need this medication. It makes such a difference in my life. Wyatt is doing well. I definitely don't have a pickey eater. He loves EVERYTHING!!! In this picture he's eating crockpot chicken and and noodles. Please message me or respond if you have any advice, questions, etc. Have a great day!
Nicole & Wy