Join Foodstand and Slow Food SF for our #NoFoodWaste Movie Night & Happy Hour

"Foodstand, Slow Food SF, and ZeroCater are excited to bring you a movie night and happy hour chat to discuss one of the most pressing issues we're facing today - FOOD WASTE. Join us for a short screening of the film, Just Eat It and new PSAs by Hope Street Group, bites of normally wasted food by Chef Pesha Perlsweig, from Salvage Supperclub and theKitchenUnderground + Imperfect Produce, and a moderated chat with local food waste champions including ReFED. We'll break down the issue, highlight our favorite #NoFoodwaste innovations, and discuss how we can change our own behaviors and perceptions about food that is too good to waste.
A big thanks to Food+Tech Connect, The Food Business School, and Mixing Bowl for their support.
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The Foodstand app helps people build long-lasting, healthy habits through fun, achievable challenges. Built based on the latest in behavioral medicine, our challenges are structured to help you build those 'rules for good eating' joyfully into daily life, one at a time, so you can enjoy your food and be mindful of what you are eating while achieving optimal 'health' for yourself and the planet.
Slow Food SF
Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization that was founded in 1989 to preserve food cultures and empower small-scale, traditional producers. Slow Food’s philosophy is to promote food that is good, clean, and fair based on the belief that food weaves a powerful web connecting all aspects of life, from culture to politics, religion to the environment. By preserving local culinary heritage and biodiversity, Slow Food strives to ensure food access for all. 
Slow Food San Francisco was founded by Lorenzo Scarpone in the late 80s to bring together passionate gastronomes to revel in California’s rich epicurean culture and discuss pressing agricultural and food issues. Since, the chapter has grown from a mere 20 members to over 800. SFSF hosts an annual Childhood Obesity Bay Area conference, as well as other ..."