Intro To Photography: Capture Great Images To Support Your Food Biz - Splash

"- Why good food photography is so important - What types of food photos you need to tell your story and connect with customers  - How can you take better photos with the tools you have at hand  - When is the right time to hire a professional photographer   Why is Evi uniquely qualified to lead this workshop? Food and still life photographer, Evi Abeler works with with clients in the food world to communicate the love, passion, and flavor that go into every project. Evi's images focus on the natural beauty of food and objects, including the striking colors and distinct textures. She works with each client to ensure the message and taste they want to share are clear and vivid.Growing up in rural Germany, Evi lived a farm-to-table experience. The rich smells from her family's stove are still a lovely memory for her. The gift of a camera at an early age sparked a new passion, which she explored further in high school, and eventually brought her to New York City to earn a master’s degree in fine art photography.   After working for five years as an in-house photographer and designer for the Rubin Museum of Art, Evi became hooked on food and still life photography after a weekend spent shooting tarts and jams for a dear friend in Woodstock. In 2010, she made the switch from photographing works of art to food and objects, and open her photo studio in New York City, specializing in food and product photography. Evi is represented by Big Leo Productions. In addition to her commercial work, she collaborates with pastry chef Albane Sharrard on the recipe blog Whip+Click, and offers photography training, while serving as a food photography mentor at Brooklyn Foodworks.