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Hidden ingredients!!! 😡😡
ElanaG's post
  • annefood Great sleuthing @ElanaG !
  • ElanaG That stinks! I love that spice! It’s an Asian teriyaki mixture used in stir fry
  • annefood @ElanaG you could always combine the key ingredients - sesame seeds, dried ginger powder, garlic granules, salt, onion powder and sesame oil!
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How do I see my completed challenges.
  • Rachna Hi there! If you click on your profile (blue icon in the bottom right corner), you'll see your stats from all previously completed challenges.
For Breast feeding moms: energy balls without sugar! I just took out honey and chocolate chips and added in a bunch of dates
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Smaller plates may not help you eat less | Smaller plates | Delbouef illusion | food deprivation | eating less | Appetite | eat less
"If you think that serving food on a smaller plate can trick your brain into eating"
"If you think that serving food on a smaller plate can trick your brain into eating"
  • Rachna yes! this is why if you eat a plant-forward diet, you maintaining strict portion control is less relevant. You can eat a giant plate of veggies, and consume to your heart's content, so you don't...
Friday night sweet tooth.. 3 bananas, 1/2 c peanut butter, 1/2 c cocoa Mix drop on cookie sheet in a table spoon. Bake 15 minutes yum!
  • annefood Awesome! Banana is such a great way to sweeten baked goods!
  • tovisnaw Ok...not loved at all in the house. But hey more for me. Tried to convince hubby if he gave up sugar they would taste sweet to him
Post workout food
What’s a good non sugar item to eat after an intense workout? I would usually do a glass of chocolate milk after running but I am starving after playin an hour and a half of basketball!
  • kmkelman I like the peanut butter rx bar. Or but butter in a banana. Handful of almonds
  • annefood Anything with good carbs and protein that sounds tasty to you. Nuts and fruit per @kmkelman is a great suggestion if you want something light. Or plain yogurt with fresh fruit- you could turn that...
  • ElanaG It was at 10:30pm so definitely didn’t want anything heavy. Ended up just going to sleep
It’s getting easier.
It’s getting easier everyday. This is the longest I’ve gone without added sugar in years. 💙💚
  • annefood That's fantastic @shmoozii ! I'm so glad to hear it. And I totally agree—it can be really hard in the beginning, but once you get in the habit of avoiding added sugar it becomes so much easier by...
  • gracealina I agree! I feel so great I am not even tempted by the free junk at the office!
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Breakfast for me at an event while everyone else is eating pastries!!! 😝
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  • annefood 🍓🍇🍉🥝 love it! You're going to feel so much better!
  • Rachna Yes!!! Great way to start the day!
  • AlexB Nice, It’s so hard!!
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How do I use a free pass
  • wendypoole I have no idea. I just check the marks. Haha
I am eating chocolate and crisps to avoid fast food. Now what?
  • annefood Hey @alicray! Great question. First, congrats on stepping away from fast food—such a big accomplishment! To cut down on the chocolate and crisps, try replacing them with other deliciously sweet and...
  • Rachna Did you always stop at the same fast food restaurants and around the same time of day? If so, it's great to celebrate the fact that you've changed that habit so far. If you're finding that you're...
  • alicray Brilliant, OK off to the shops tomorrow. I pass the offending shops many times but did well avoiding them. Fat Friday in work tomorrow, I am going to pick up something tasty from tescos on the way...
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