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High-Tech Gardening Pod Lets You Monitor Homegrown Vegetables Via A Smartphone
"'Foop' is a high-tech home gardening pod that lets you grow vegetables indoors, and control its ...
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Kitchensurfing, the on-demand chef service, has shut down | Re/code - another #foodtech casualty
"The startup had raised nearly $20 million in venture capital."
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Can Tech Really Help Us Eat and Farm Better? I say yes, Foodstand can!
An interesting article about #foodtech that brings up a lot of great points. It reads "Tech has t...
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This cool app helps small farmers harness weather and climate data to save their crops
Currently available only in Latin America, but this sounds pretty neat. #foodtech
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Meet The Woman Sciencing The S&%t Out Of Lab-Grown Animal Products
Same taste and nutrition, less environmental impact. New Harvest CEO Isha Datar is recruiting sci...
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Crazy! Target's food spectrometer helps identify an apple's age, calories and nutrients.
Granted if you buy from a local farmer this technology is somewhat pointless because you know the...
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This vending machine shows you the nutrition info!
It's about time! Granted the snacks are fairly junky but at least you can examine what you're cho...
Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC) (Sal...
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How does everyone feel about the "virtual restaurant" craze?
Green Summit believes that diners don't care if their food comes from a restaurant that actually ...
This tomato greenhouse is totally powered by expelled heat from a sugar refinery next door
British Sugar's award-winning horticulture business produces between 70 - 80 million 'eco-friendl...
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Will climate change move agriculture indoors? And will that be a good thing? | Grist
The story of a hot indoor-ag startup offers a window onto the potential and the pitfalls of the n...