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World's largest vertical farm grows without soil, sunlight or water in Newark
#FoodNews: 'AeroFarms has put $30m into a green revolution that seeks to produce more crops in le...
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What You Need To Know About the New GMO Labeling Law - Modern Farmer
"This is what you'll eventually find on grocery-store food products." #policynews #foodnews
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Men drinking craft beer, women eating quinoa, and other millennial foodie trends, ranked - The Washington Post
"Millennials can be too much with their foodie trends." #FoodNews
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Target Just Funded a Handful of Groups at the Heart of the Food Movement
"Target, the mega-retailer known for its low-wage jobs, just invested in a handful of high-profil...
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Obama Expected to Sign Industry-Backed GMO Label Bill Into Law - EcoWatch
"UPDATE: The U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill by a 306-117 vote Thursday. The bill n...
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Farmers, Foresters, and Fishermen Have the Highest Suicide Rate of Any Profession - Modern Farmer
Do any of our beloved farmers want to weigh in on this? "Why is farming such a hard profession, a...
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Food, Farming & the 2016 Election: A Conversation with Marion Nestle - Modern Farmer
"Part one of our new series following food policy on the campaign trail." #foodpolicy #ladyboss #...
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Farmigo shutting down operations #foodnews
😩 so sad, what do you guys think? I don't know much about their model but in light of good eggs d...
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Age-old discussion between organic vs. local and which is better if you have to choose.
At least in this case, it seems as if local is getting some attention. "When it’s time to put you...
Judge strikes down USDA compost guidance
The courts decision upholds the integrity of the organic standard and is an incredible victory fo...