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Carrots have a slow respiration rate which means they have a long shelf life
#nofoodwaste #kitchentips #tipoftheday
Don't peel your carrots! You lose about 1/3 of the nutrients when you trim off the outer layers.
#kitchentips #tipoftheday #nofoodwaste
Toss an entire bunch of leftover herbs with olive oil and roast them on a sheet pan for a crispy garnish
How to eat an Avocado seed
"I had no idea!"
Sauté chopped anchovies in the pan before starting a tomato sauce. They and saltiness and omega-3s.
And when the sauce is done you won't even know they're there! #kitchentips #tipoftheday
Cook quinoa in broth for a richer, creamier dish.
Broth adds so much more flavor to grains than water does! I served fresh red snapper, green salad...
Kale is rich in calcium! You don't have to drink milk, just eat your leafy greens!
For delicious kale chips, just toss chopped kale with olive oil, sea salt and pepper, and roast a...
Avocado kept fresh
I recently found an easy way to store half / part of an avocado from turning brown . Simply cover...
Learning how to poach eggs! Anyone have tips?
Made a speedy breakfast with @akhilg2002 of mushrooms topped with poached eggs and homegrown basi...
Gordon Ramsay shows us how the pros chop an onion