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We all love beet roots, but don't forget to eat the greens! They actually have more antioxidants than the roots!
#tipoftheday #kitchentips #nofoodwaste
Broil shrimp in the oven for a mess-free meal!
This is a great weeknight dish because it doesn't make a mess and it's pretty fast! Perfect for a...
Cuttings homemade pizza or carving a chicken? Use kitchen shears!
They're a quick and easy way to cut up many foods you wouldn't expect. #kitchentips #tipoftheday
Try grinding white rice in your spice grinder to get rid of any residual odors.
#kitchentips #tipoftheday
Fresh cilantro & avocado are two of my kitchen staples. What are some of yours?
Need some vegetable inspiration? Dress cooked veggies in a salsa for an exciting side dish.
I made this quick salsa out of chopped olives, capers, lemon zest, red pepper flakes, parsley and...
A flavorful salsa is a terrific way to dress up a piece of fish
Meyer lemons are a cross between a true lemon and a mandarin, and are naturally quite sweet and t...
Change up your risotto game: Switch out arborio rice for toasted buckwheat! Asparagus Buckwheat Risotto on the blog
"Buckwheat. It’s not wheat. It’s not even a grain.  Would you believe, it is actually related to ...
Store nuts in the freezer!
Their high fat content causes them to spoil easily, and freezing them keeps them fresh. Just use/...
Seriously dirty pot or pan? Let it soak with white vinegar, baking soda and water for a few hours before scrubbing. It'll be good as new.
#kitchentips #tipoftheday