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Broccoli, Asparagus, sweet potatoes, 2 eggs
Day 1/7: Eat Real Food Level I
As from tomorrow I’m starting my sugar detox 🥴
Craving, tired, head feels unsatisfied. Withdrawals are getting worse, but the weird thing is I still feel a little sharper mentally and a little more in control.
Day 1/3: Avoid Sweets, Dessert, and Candy Level II
Can't wait to make this easy chai spice cake from Sun Basket
"Turn your favorite tea into an afternoon treat"
Drink out of a straw when drinking water, as you do not have to think about it and it is easy to distract yourself while drinking.
Change up the taste and texture
I like to add chia seeds and strawberries to my chilled water to change it up a bit. It gives it ...
Transform yourself into a savvy supermarket shopper with these 11 easy tips - Mirror Online
"Experts reveal how you can make healthier choices when you do your supermarket shop"
Veggie packed dinner in 20 minutes - chickpea pasta topped with stewed eggplant, tomato, garlic, onions, and parsley.
I love chickpea pasta on busy nights because it’s protein dense (vs regular pasta), tastes virtua...
Apple peels
Give kids sliced apples with the peel on & mix the variety of apples.
Making dinner with a little baby at home means meals usually fit in one bowl. This one was particularly delish and ready in 20 min
Brown rice with garlic and kale, avocado and greens salad, and pan seared chicken with onions and...