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Does anyone have experience with indoor vermicomposting (using Red wriggler worms)? I’ve been researching it this weekend and I’m close to buying the WormFactory 360 kit (seems like the cleanest op...
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Water and The Restroom
OK. I really want to do the 8 Glasses of Water per day challenge, however I drive around our coun...
OK. I really want to do the 8 Glasses of Water per day challenge, however I drive around our county and then am in clients' homes for work. I like to avoid asking if I can use their bathrooms. In ...
  • annefood Love this photo. And I totally understand your concern for using clients’ bathrooms! I don’t typically find that I have to use the bathroom an absurd number of times, but I’ve always been a big...
Fruit during sugar detox
Is there a limit on how much fruit you can/should eat during the no sugar challenge? I know it specifically targets added sugars.
  • annefood @ShortAndStrong you are correct- the No Added Sugar Challenge only deals with added sugars. Whole fruit contains fiber that helps your body deal with the sugar load, plus it's not processed and...
Chicken cutlet/on a bed of brown rice with string beans & parmesan cheese😋😋😋Yummy
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Marinara Sauce
Do you count marinara sauce in your fruits and veggies?
  • annefood Hey @ShawnCramer - only if you’re consuming a lot of it (think bowl of tomato soup). Tomatoey marinara is awesome but usually we only have a few tablespoons of it which wouldn’t count as a whole...
  • ShawnCramer Thank you!
Missed check in
The app said I missed a check in yesterday but I didn't. It gave me the you are amazing yesterday and everything. How do I get that fixed? I want my streak!
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I’ve been doing great at breakfast and lunch but evening snacking is a problem! I would love ideas to break this bad habit :)
Day 1/3: Avoid Sugar at Breakfast Level I
  • annefood Congratulations on breakfast and lunch @kim729 ! I recommend looking at the Stop Eating 2 hrs before Bed Guidebook....
  • kim729 This is perfect - thank you so much!!
  • annefood So glad! You're welcome.
I accidentally "completed" the day after lunch today. How do I edit it so I can log dinner?
  • DietID_TeamDietitians Hey there! We can update this for you now that you have completed for the day. How many servings did you have for dinner?
  • sunswillwin I had an apple for a snack this afternoon - 1 serving. cabbage, carrots and a sweet potato for dinner - 2 servings
  • Udi Hi sunswillin, I've updated your previous level challenge with 3 additional servings. Does that address the issue for you? Thanks!
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Missed an entry
Is there a way to go back a day and enter your check mark if you forgot to do it on that day? And today it is not allowing me to enter anything can anyone help?
  • DietID_TeamDietitians hey @Bobbiruth! Starting with level II, you'll be able to update your check in for 'yesterday' by tapping the "<" arrow at the top of the green check in screen. You'll then be brought to an orange...
  • msantiago So excited to see you get going Bobbi!!!! We can do this!!!!
Cranberry Ham cinnamon glaze. Yummy😋😋🌹🌹🌹🌹😋😋😋😋
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