Food Funded 2017 - Coming to San Francisco this Tuesday

"Food entrepreneurs and investors convene again for a day of educational workshops and live investment presentations to catalyze the funding flow for food ventures.
Program Overview 
ENTREPRENEUR LAB    9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Hands-on workshops facilitated by experienced practitioners. Preliminary list of topics (subject to change):
Staggering the Funding Rounds: sequence of funding types - what investors are looking for
The new Crowdfunding for Securities: engaging communities for equity and loan financing
Partnering with Corporates: navigating new strategic opportunities, incubation to investment
Food Waste is Business: edible upcycling with new products, processes, and marketing
Being Agile in Operations: growing your operations and infrastructure                      
Channel Choices - going retail, food service, or e-commerce?
Risky Food Business - how to manage and hedge against uncertainties (food safety, recalls etc)
Food Tech and Ag Tech: using information technologies and networks to impact sustainability
Building your Business around Social Justice: win-win advocay in the community (access, diversity)
Food Addressing Climate Change: the regenerative solution and differentiator of our times?
Failing Forward in Food: how we f#@%'d up (peer-to-peer)
Kicking the Tires of a Startup: Investors asking the right questions in due diligence
Pitch perfect: How to craft an engaging 5-minute story for investors?
FOOD INVESTOR FAIR    2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
The annual Bay Area Food Investor Fair: forum for investors to meet select food entrepreneurs and see pre-screened investment opportunities. Prior investments have ranged from $25K to $10M.

Your registration information is confidential and will not be shared, beyond the main event sponsors.
Ticket price includes lunch.
Refund policy: 100% until one month before event. 50% until one week before event."