Urban Food Policy Forum: How Will Technology Influence Food Workers In The Next 10 Years?

This forum focuses on current and future issues facing food workers, particularly those in cities, in the context of changes to the worker/employer relationship brought about by technological advances like increased automation, peer to peer transactions through sharing economy apps like Uber, high-tech urban agriculture, and online meal delivery services. Utilizing food jobs as a lens, we’ll explore how a range of industries continue to evolve as a result of changes in technology and the city, state and federal policies that encourage technological advances. Panelists:
Jose Gonzalez, Director, Data and Research New York Communities for Change
Michel Mroue, Founding Executive Director, NYC Food & Beverage Hospitality Council and Food Service & Accommodation Industry Partnership, NYC Department of Small Business Services
Julia Ticona, post-doctoral scholar, Data & Society Research Institute
Sebastian Vanderzeil, Director, Global Thematic Analyst, Cornerstone Capital Group
Stacey Weismiller, Senior Project Manager, Smart and Sustainable Cities, NYC Economic Development Corporation