Build Your Own Indoor Plant Paradise

Tickets are $50 and must be purchased ahead of time here: Events Description:
As the seasons change and our outdoor plants begin to wane, we look to brightening our indoor spaces with all things green. But indoor gardening can present challenges of its own. In this workshop we will walk you through the basics and get you started on creating your own indoor plant paradise!
Cecilia de Corral, manager of our Design and Installations program and in-house horticulturalist, will teach you everything you need to know about soil, light, and watering needs for your indoor garden. She'll also discuss varied propagation techniques from stem and leaf cuttings to division, teach you how to determine which plants will do best in your space and cover an overview of common pests and diseases to be aware of as your plant collection grows. During the workshop each participant will plant a small succulent garden in a terra-cotta pot and will take home additional clippings to learn from. This class will take place in our indoor loft space located on the 11th floor of Building 3 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Detailed directions can be found by following this link: