Turnkey worksite wellness that your team will actually love.

Better employee health begins with better food choices each day—small changes make a huge impact. Increasingly, employers are seeing the effect of wellness programs on employees' happiness and performance, and on their companies' bottom lines. Consider this:

$153 billion
Full-time workers who are overweight or obese and have other chronic health problems cost employers more than $153 billion in lost productivity each year.
ROI: $3-4
Wellness programs see $3-4 return on every $1 invested.
There's a proven, easier way.
Introducing Foodstand for Teams.
Developed using the latest in behavioral medicine, Foodstand's Challenges empower people to make healthy habits an everyday behavior, and build the 'rules for good eating' joyfully into daily life. Simple tracking on our mobile-first platform helps people pursue progress over perfection, and enable lasting change. Unlike other programs, Foodstand is:
Straightforward: Easy to use and implement, increasing likelihood of success. Joyful: With gamified micro-challenges that make your new habit enjoyable to keep up with. Judgement Free: We celebrate small wins over extreme, unsustainable change. Science Based: All content and choices are based on research. Never fads. Social: Our unique social accountability system provides the added support needed for success.
Simple app. Profound effects.
Personalized Education
Bite-sized Challenges
Social Accountability
Frictionless Tracking
Impact. Measured.
Our detailed weekly reports reveal trends, behaviors, outcomes, retention and more. This is not a passive program. Our goal is to improve our impact by providing your company with a custom-fit program—workshops, intraoffice competitions, and personalized reporting—to suit your unique needs.

Only $5 per person/per month
And simple to start and implement. Just say the word, and leave the rest to us.
70%+ team challenge completion rate 55% of members who wanted to lose weight reported losing  at least 10lbs. Over 2 Million grams of added sugar avoided 78% of members say Foodstand is more effective vs. traditional diets
What they’re saying.
"I've been able to create a better healthy eating plan for myself. I've also been better at planning out meals which created better meal budgeting and portion control. I've lost 20 lbs solely due to the challenges from Foodstand."
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Foodstand is an Organizational Member of True Health Initiative, a global voice for lifestyle as medicine. THI exists to make the fundamental truths about healthy, sustainable living and eating common knowledge. THI aims to shift the global understanding of practices that most likely help people live longer and envisions a world with less chronic disease.