Opinion on Date bars

Hi all, Just started this challenge today and am struggling to draw a line under what can be classed as a sugary treat and what could be deemed a "healthy" alternative that won't break the challenge. So I just wanted to know your thoughts on date bars. I have this one from Tesco that is described as
"Fruit and nut bars with sweetened date, almonds, sweetened dried cranberries, oat flakes and sunflower seeds". Now, this contains 10g of sugar. Now if were to be cutting just sugar then obviously this is a no-no but the challenge, although mentioning sugar in general, mainly talks about pastries, desserts etc. Would eating something like this Date bar be bending the rules too much? 1 a day as a snack would be my limit, with other fruit and nuts as other snacks throughout the day.
Just curious as to what you all think. Are you simply cutting sugar out altogether, or just the sweet treats like chocolate, pastries etc.. Thanks in advance.