Star Wars Meets Lemon Truffle Chocolates & Other Event Updates

So thought of interest to share about some of artisanal (or should I say "blockbuster"!) products that will be at next week's Irish food & drink event. Only some are quite novel / different and not your usual-get-in-grocery-store type items:
- Lemon Truffle Chocolates (tried them - yum!) from the Skellig Islands in Ireland (this is the blockbuster reference as they filmed Star Wars here)
- Nettle Syrup - from Ireland's only commercial nettle farm
- Craft Soda - that will also be presented as ice cream floats
- Potato Vodka - Ireland's first vodka made from potatoes
- Irish Whiskey and Dill Infused Salmon - from the oldest family run smokehouse (since 1845)!
- Irish Cream Liqueur - there will be two but one is inspired from a WB Yeats poem and whose bottle design was drawn from old Victorian milk bottle
Plus whiskey, cheeses, butter, breads, relishes, chocolates, honey, oats + more. Cookbook author Imen McDonnell (& contributor to NYT, Saveur, Conde Nast Traveler & blog writer at will also speak about Irish farm life & cooking practices. More info at