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Meet Matt Preston, the Purchasing Manager for Dig Inn Seasonal Market ( @diginn). With a background in farming and marketing, he's just the man for the job—establishing real, meaningful relationships with all of Dig Inn's producers. One of the many things we love about Matt is his passion for #NoFoodWaste, which plays a large role in Dig Inn's purchasing and cooking practices. And on Friday, November 20th, you can meet Matt in person at Foodstand and Dig Inn's #NoFoodWaste November Happy Hour, at Dig Inn's 23rd Street location! Mingle with fellow Foodstanders and listen to presentations by Matt and others about limiting food waste. Dig Inn will be offering two-for-one drinks as well as samplers of their new menu. RSVP early, as space is limited. Foodstanders receive a discount on ticket prices, so if you haven't already, download the app! In the meantime, here's more from Matt.

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We believe good eating should be the default and not the exception.

It starts with paying attention to what’s on our plates. Reconnecting to our food naturally inspires good eating habits. If more of us celebrate and share this, we can help and inspire others to choose food that is better—not only for ourselves but also for our community and our environment.

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