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Salt craving
I’ve been craving salt lately. Is this related to not having added sugar? Is anyone else craving salt?? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • annefood I do not believe that there is a nutritional correlation, but it could be that you’re reaching for salty snacks since sweet ones are off the menu. Or perhaps the heat?
  • shmoozii I think you’re right. It’s a little weird is all.
  • garv Not weird at all . Salt does provide satiation.
Can never go wrong with tradition! Puerto Rican yucca pasteles and avocado! Yummy! 😉
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  • DietID_TeamDietitians YUM this looks amazing!
  • msantiago I make it from grated yucca root with Annatto seed flavored vegetable oil; and the center is slow cooked shredded chicken breast! Make about 79-100 at one time and freeze! Lasts me a few months...
Agua para que el cuerpo esté óptimo
Just started the three fruit and veg challenge
3yr Chellaston
Ate a lovely lunch with 3 colleagues at Terra in Fort Worth and easily got in 4 servings of absolutely delicious veggies! Highly recommend!
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  • annefood Love checking off so many veggies in one meal!
  • DietID_TeamDietitians this is awesome!! Mediterranean food is always a great way to get in a bunch of veggies in at one meal.
  • msantiago Yes! It’s also great to have some real time support to stay in track! So I’m grateful for my colleagues who joined me who are also participating in this challenge!
Is it still safe to eat?
Well, before I use a pass...I made a chicken/ veggie soup on Tuesday with grilled chicken leftover from Monday night ...It is still in the pot in the fridge but I am a little concern to eat it. Is ...
  • annefood Hey @Reb1 - leftover chicken (if properly stored and refrigerated) should be safe to eat for 3 or 4 days, so you should be fine finishing those leftovers tonight. Bring the soup to a boil for a few...
  • Reb1 Thank you!
  • annefood You're welcome!
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Let’s go Team TAFB! Quick lunch with 4 servings of fruits and veggies in one meal!🥗avocado, cabbage, lettuce, almonds, & cuties on side!
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  • annefood Looks fab!
  • LDA Looks good!!! Will add that to my repertoire!!
Learned new trick from my trainer! Add fruit in your 64 oz of water - get extra fruit serving in! Eat and replace the fruit though!
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  • annefood Yes! This is one of our favorite ways to not only get extra fruit, but also avoid drinking beverages with added sugar- the fruit naturally sweetens the water! 👍🏼
Drink More Water - trufflette
"Did you know that maintaining a positive intake of fluid throughout the day can make the differe...
"Did you know that maintaining a positive intake of fluid throughout the day can make the difference between:
Feeling tired/fatigued
A heightened metabolism
Proper body temperature regulation..."
  • annefood Thanks for sharing @trufflette ! Water is important for so many reasons!
  • msantiago Would love to read but the links gives me an error message. Could I be missing something?
  • trufflette oh no! I just bought a domain so that could be why
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Refined Carbohydrates
How many refined carbohydrates roughly are acceptable on a daily basis?
  • DietID_TeamDietitians Generally speaking, it’s best to choose unrefined, whole grains whenever possible. When it comes to added sugar in particular, the max recommended amount per day is about 24 grams = 6 teaspoons....