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Any thoughts on stevia or alternatives if the need arises?
  • annefood Great question @ingalls ! Pure stevia extract is the only "sweetener" that is allowed during the Avoid Added Sugar Challenge. Make sure that it is only stevia leaf though, as stevia products (such...
  • ingalls Thanks for the stevia info! Outside of that, avoid all the other artificial alternatives you'd find in typical "diet" and "zero calorie" stuff?
  • annefood You’re welcome! Yes exactly, avoid all artificial alternatives.
Yay my protein powder has no added sugar!
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  • annefood Fantastic @tovisnaw ! @elievois check it out - it has stevia so it's not unsweetened, but pure stevia leaf extract is allowed in moderation on the Avoid Added Sugar Challenge.
  • tovisnaw This one is so good too. If tried other protein powders and they tasted gross to me
  • elievois Good to know! Thanks for posting!
Sugar in chicken broth!!!!!
Hidden ingredient!!
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Is Simply Lite Low Carb Dark Chocolate Sugar-Free 50% Cacao okay for this challenge? Is it healthy or best to just skip it?
  • Rachna I would suggest skipping it because one of its main ingredients is Maltitol, a sugar alcohol or sweetener. Though it is not as sweet as sugar, it’s still an artificial sweetener, which you should...
  • AlexB Okay cool! Thank you. I just usually have one square of super dark chocolate.
  • annefood It's best to just skip it. Sugar alternatives tend to cause gastrointestinal issues when eaten in excess. I eat 100% cacao chips with dried fruit for a little dessert sometimes. No added sugar or...
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Does anyone have a protein powder without added sugar?
Hidden ingredients!!! 😡😡
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  • annefood Great sleuthing @ElanaG !
  • ElanaG That stinks! I love that spice! It’s an Asian teriyaki mixture used in stir fry
  • annefood @ElanaG you could always combine the key ingredients - sesame seeds, dried ginger powder, garlic granules, salt, onion powder and sesame oil!
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Any tips for full or half pass check-ins? I had a salad with the only sugar I could find was in the dressing (listed eighth).
  • Rachna If you have just a little added sugar, such as that found in salad dressing, that would qualify as half a pass for sure. A great no added sugar salad dressing is this shallot dijon dressing by...
  • ingalls Thank you!
Is there an alternative to gum? Or gum that doesn’t have any added sugar or substitutes? I’m really missing that afternoon minty freshness.
  • annefood I’m afraid I don’t know of any. But I can tell you that I used to be an avid gum chewer and I have since kicked the habit. It was hard at first but now I don’t miss it at all! Not a direct...
  • Rachna I was also an avid gum chewer but kicked the habit by turning to an old school Indian solution - “Mukhwas” - which is usually a combo of seeds that act as a mouth freshener. The easiest one is...
  • gracealina Thanks! I will try the minty water. I put some lemon and cucumber in my sparkling water at home and that was nice too. I’ve had something like that at an Indian restaurant before, though I think it...
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I spied Agave Syrup in my ‘natural’ peanut butter before putting it in my smoothie!
  • Rachna yes!! so many 'natural' products sneak in sweeteners. Definitely check the ingredient labels on the back of the package. The front of the package is all marketing =).
  • annefood Awesome @ingalls! You’ll come to find that many companies slap “natural” on the label for impact, when the word doesn’t actually have any meaning. Great catch!