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No more passes for me
Well I am only halfway thru level III and I am pretty sure that I have used up all of my passes for the next level....and I haven’t even gotten pass the father’s day party. Oh boy, I’m toast.
My kids are eating s’mores. I’m ☠️
gracealina's post
  • annefood You’ve got this!
  • gracealina It was tough, but I managed to resist! Too scared to start over, because the first few days were the hardest!
  • shmoozii 👏👏👏
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I finished 30 Day challenge of eating fruits and vegetables. I posted it but I cannot see it.
Is bread a NO on this challenge?! I just realized some fresh baked breads probably have sugar??? Help! Tips on which to avoid? Or avoid all?
  • Rachna Great question!! Some breads are definitely allowed, but most actually have some added sugar. It's best to check the ingredient label to be sure. Some favorites we love: Ezekiel sprouted grain...
  • joywang Hi there! I wanted to give a heads up if you ever check the label and it still says for example, 1g sugar even though there's no added sugar in the ingredients, that can be due to the natural...
Familie diner @ my parents 😀 So I didn't cook myself, but it was an homecooked diner 😊😋
Day 1/3: Cook Dinner More Often Level II
So craving something frozen and sweet...
  • ElanaG Frozen blueberries? Frozen mango?
  • mattwk Yes! My go-to smoothie recipe is frozen blueberries, frozen banana, plain yogurt (Siggi’s) and peanut butter. If you can do dairy, it’s a quick and tasty frozen and sweet breakfast.
An eye opener!
"This is "Eat: The Story Of Food "Sugar Rushes" (2014)" by Creative Differences on Vimeo, the hom...
"This is "Eat: The Story Of Food "Sugar Rushes" (2014)" by Creative Differences on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who…"
  • garv Was glued to the tv at 2 am! @annefood you need to watch this , if you haven’t already.
  • Rachna wow! thanks for sharing! I used to go to Hershey Park every year as a child, so this is eye opening.
what is the ghrelin, and why have i never heard of it before?
I’m a big morning coffee drinker. I use 2 tsp of International Delight coffee creamer and a tbsp of whipped cream. Do I have to ditch this?
  • cgsegelette Ouch! That’s going to be hard but yep😃
  • ElanaG What do I replace with?
  • cgsegelette Check out bullet coffee on line or maybe vanilla almond milk?
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How do u get a streak?
  • kathyd just by following my goal each day and checking off my waters