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9mo Cta Bus Stop
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An eye opener!
"This is "Eat: The Story Of Food "Sugar Rushes" (2014)" by Creative Differences on Vimeo, the hom...
"This is "Eat: The Story Of Food "Sugar Rushes" (2014)" by Creative Differences on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who…"
  • garv Was glued to the tv at 2 am! @annefood you need to watch this , if you haven’t already.
  • Rachna wow! thanks for sharing! I used to go to Hershey Park every year as a child, so this is eye opening.
So craving something frozen and sweet...
  • ElanaG Frozen blueberries? Frozen mango?
  • mattwk Yes! My go-to smoothie recipe is frozen blueberries, frozen banana, plain yogurt (Siggi’s) and peanut butter. If you can do dairy, it’s a quick and tasty frozen and sweet breakfast.
How do marinades weigh in regards to eating sugar? ie: a marinade for meat that uses Dijon mustard before cooking.
  • Rachna So there are marinades that have added sugar and those that don’t. Dijon mustard is oftentimes made with honey (which is added sugar) so you can try the same recipe with ground mustard instead. You...
  • ingalls Thanks! Part of the question stemmed from picking up pre-made stuff. I noticed some things are awesome - like salad dressing listed ingredients. But marinades might just say “Dijon mustard” with no...
  • Rachna Yes!! this is a hard one. Once the new nutrition labels hit the market, they will list out the actual grams of added sugar vs naturally occuring sugar. That should make all the difference. Great...
Any healthy/no sugar added pizza alternatives/recipes?! This is the fifth pizza to tempt me in less than a week!
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  • annefood Hey @ingalls ! Pizza is one of those foods like tomato sauce that should be naturally sugar free, but often isn't, depending on where you're getting it. If you're at the type of restaurant that...
  • Rachna And if you want to venture to make your own pizza crust at home, the Roberta's pizza crust recipe is THE BEST - no added sugar!
  • XxlxX As a healthy pizza base you could use a wrap and add your own veg, meats and cheese to it on top
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Having a tough time this weekend. I used two passes. 😬
  • cgsegelette Maybe make yourself an acceptable treat, that tastes great! Fruit smoothie .. pb on frozen banana... good luck 👍 you’ve been doing great
  • annefood I did that last weekend too- ice cream. But I got back on track. Dried fruit was helpful. You can too! Great advice @cgsegelette. You’ve got this @shmoozii !
  • ingalls I have to admit, I’ll most likely use up my passes, too, so have been anticipating which will be my weak days in advance. Like tomorrow... we’re making a fancy dinner for my mother-in-law’s 70th...
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What an idea!! This is why I miss America!!
"The Seattle-based Eat with Muslims project aims to break down barriers between non-Muslims and t...
"The Seattle-based Eat with Muslims project aims to break down barriers between non-Muslims and the Muslim-American community through food and conversation."
Avoided soda
Day 7/14: Avoid Soda Level IV
Energy is way up! Two weeks in. 🤜🤛
Can I use whole milk and espresso without sweetener? Definitely better flavor but doesn’t the whole milk replace sugar w other calories??
  • annefood Using whole milk instead of sweetener is a great replacement! When thinking about a healthy whole/real foods diet, don’t focus on the calories. If you turn your attention to the quality of the...
  • shmoozii Good info to know. 👍
  • ElanaG Thanks!!