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Hidden ingredient!!
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Thanks Aldi!
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Yay my protein powder has no added sugar!
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  • annefood Fantastic @tovisnaw ! @elievois check it out - it has stevia so it's not unsweetened, but pure stevia leaf extract is allowed in moderation on the Avoid Added Sugar Challenge.
  • tovisnaw This one is so good too. If tried other protein powders and they tasted gross to me
  • elievois Good to know! Thanks for posting!
No more passes for me
Well I am only halfway thru level III and I am pretty sure that I have used up all of my passes for the next level....and I haven’t even gotten pass the father’s day party. Oh boy, I’m toast.
My kids are eating s’mores. I’m ☠️
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  • annefood You’ve got this!
  • gracealina It was tough, but I managed to resist! Too scared to start over, because the first few days were the hardest!
  • shmoozii 👏👏👏
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Familie diner @ my parents 😀 So I didn't cook myself, but it was an homecooked diner 😊😋
Day 1/3: Cook Dinner More Often Level II
So craving something frozen and sweet...
  • ElanaG Frozen blueberries? Frozen mango?
  • mattwk Yes! My go-to smoothie recipe is frozen blueberries, frozen banana, plain yogurt (Siggi’s) and peanut butter. If you can do dairy, it’s a quick and tasty frozen and sweet breakfast.
An eye opener!
"This is "Eat: The Story Of Food "Sugar Rushes" (2014)" by Creative Differences on Vimeo, the hom...
"This is "Eat: The Story Of Food "Sugar Rushes" (2014)" by Creative Differences on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who…"
  • garv Was glued to the tv at 2 am! @annefood you need to watch this , if you haven’t already.
  • Rachna wow! thanks for sharing! I used to go to Hershey Park every year as a child, so this is eye opening.
How do u get a streak?
  • kathyd just by following my goal each day and checking off my waters
There’s a first for everything.
I went to the following without eating desserts or added sugar:
A wedding shower
A birthday party
Dinner with my adult sons
  • annefood Congratulations @shmoozii ! That’s a big accomplishment! How do you feel?
  • shmoozii I feel so empowered. It wasn’t a huge struggle either. However, it was a first.
  • garv Well done !
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