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how can i resist temptation?
  • rebecca0716 Get rid of all unhealthy food
  • jeje Ere
  • isaacstsi I will allow myself to crave and indulge myself in manna from heaven Water, fruits, vegetables, spices, and other wholesome, nourishing, nutritious foods; and allow myself to give in to temptation,...
Would anyone like to be my buddy? I really don’t know anyone IRL that would want to do this with me.
Craving, tired, head feels unsatisfied. Withdrawals are getting worse, but the weird thing is I still feel a little sharper mentally and a little more in control.
Day 1/3: Avoid Sweets, Dessert, and Candy Level II
  • brentreed13 I also feel unsatisfied. Been craving sweets but feel better about myself not having a dessert everyday
  • treed8887 I know, I think I’ve been using sweets everyday to just get me through energy wise. Fruit substitutions have been alright so far.
My head has felt unsatisfied all day. I just can’t seem to avoid the cravings, but they’ve got to diminish at some point, right?
Day 1/5: Avoid Sweets, Dessert, and Candy Level III
I just joined this app and I’m wondering how you look at the other challenges they have a available. I’m doing the no fast food one but I want to see what other ones they have.
  • Rameshgovani Here’s what you can try: from your profile go to FAQ:-
    Can I stop, pause or change my Challenge?
    Sure! Simply tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of your orange ‘My Challenge’ screen. To...
Report of challenges started on a weekly basis
Opinion on Date bars
Hi all, 

Just started this challenge today and am struggling to draw a line under what can be cl...
Hi all, Just started this challenge today and am struggling to draw a line under what can be classed as a sugary treat and what could be deemed a "healthy" alternative that won't break the challe...
Can't wait to make this easy chai spice cake from Sun Basket
"Turn your favorite tea into an afternoon treat"
"Turn your favorite tea into an afternoon treat"
Drink out of a straw when drinking water, as you do not have to think about it and it is easy to distract yourself while drinking.
  • Mauneumann This may be true, but the straw produces much more waste because of the plastic. We should also think about eating sustainably!!!
  • Brianne Yes! I actually have reusable straws at home for this reason, but I agree, the straw makes it easier =)
  • NehaNBB I have one of those camelback water bottles that have a straw. It's awesome.
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Change up the taste and texture
I like to add chia seeds and strawberries to my chilled water to change it up a bit. It gives it a slightly sweet taste and has a thicker texture. The fiber and the chia seeds is a great benefit too
  • garv I’m going to try this. Thanks!
  • destino You can add any types of fruits you like, not just strawberries
  • Josfer This is a nice idea. Was bored of using a lime all the time
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