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Any thoughts on stevia or alternatives if the need arises?
any tips for drinking 8 cups of water a day?
How do marinades weigh in regards to eating sugar? ie: a marinade for meat that uses Dijon mustard before cooking.
Not pretty, but 2 minute breakfast using leftover veggies!
With only a few weeks till baby arrives, it’s super important that I get as much iron as possible...
What challenge should I start next?🤨
Yummy dinner!!
Quinoa, mint, parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, green olives, tofu, Cajun spice, salt, Lemon jui...
Bread 🥖
I normally eat ezekiel bread and noticed one of the main ingredients is honey. Are there any brea...
Green smoothie with spinach, carrots, half an apple and a tangerine for breakfast. Added some flaxseed, oats, ginger and cinnamon for extra nutrition and flavor. Delicious!
Day 4/5: Eat 5 Servings of Fruits & Veggies Per Day Level III
Vitamin D: The Health Miracle
"With Winter beginning to transition away and make room for the flowers to bloom like stars in Sp...
Can I compost olive pits, pistachio nut shells, and corn cobs after they’ve been boiled?