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Avoid sweets
I was kind addict on sweet things and in the beginning to make the challenge easier I decided to ...
8 glasses a day! I fill two 32oz. water bottles with filtered water the night before and I'm ready to drink them anywhere I go!
Mexican cuisine is a perfect way to pack in your veggies. We had veggie and bean quinoa salad, corn and squash empanadas, and tostadas!
Day 9/30: Eat 5 Servings of Fruits & Veggies Per Day Level IV Plus of course, homemade margarita...
Yes, you can make your own soda :)
We hosted a make your own soda workshop today - sparkling water mixed with your favorite combo of...
How to speed up your metabolism | Well+Good
"You could be sabotaging yourself without even realizing it."
My new favorite quick meal hack - cooking with cracked wheat!
Cracked wheat is a low glycemic index grain that cooks up super fast just by adding boiling water...
Chocolate cake🎊🎉 Yummy🌺🌺
Maximising satisfaction (and not mindless eating) means choosing the food you really want to eat. Not just whatever's there 😊
Day 11/30: Eat One Bite At A Time Level V
Happy 4th of July! We celebrated with homemade veggie stacked pizza on the balcony!
Day 25/30: Fill 50% of your plate with Fruits and Veggies Level V I topped the rolled out pizza ...
Watch now! YOUR healthy eating questions—answered!
You asked great questions, and we have answers! Rachna and I talk Challenges, cravings, recipes, ...