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Happy 4th of July! We celebrated with homemade veggie stacked pizza on the balcony!
Day 25/30: Fill 50% of your plate with Fruits and Veggies Level V I topped the rolled out pizza ...
If you're going to eat dessert, make it yourself!
Mama's Seasonal Fruit Crisp is full of autumn apples. Dessert can be a serving of fruit too! Plus...
Pasta mussel & marinara sauce platter .
Chicken cacciatore , with tomato sauce & scallions with onions.
Egg Salad , Lite &! Healthy
My Banana Chia Pudding satisfies all cravings for sweets, without any added sugar.
Whether you doing The Avoid Sweets Challenge like me, Avoid Sugar at Breakfast or Avoid Added Sug...
Homemade black bean burgers!
I made these black bean burgers extra spicy, so I had to cool them down with lots of tomato, avoc...
Yummy sugar, grain and dairy-free muffins
Can't wait to make these for my sugar-free breakfast challenge starting tomorrow!
Cherry glaze ham Yummy😋😋Yummy & pineapple 😋😋😋😋🌹🌹🌹
Sweet potato pie😋😋Yummy